Gracie is a special needs Aussie puppy. 

Gracie was born with a defective left front foot.  This is NOT a hereditary problem, it is congenital which can happen during the early forming and developing stages. Her full Vet report and disclosure will be available to those interested in Gracie.

She is a sweet puppy, beautiful and healthy other than she will never have full use of her front leg.  She gets around fine and doesn't know the difference. Her life expectancy and quality of life will be no different than any other puppy.  But she will require a special loving family to be understanding of her special situation.

"I believe every puppy has a right to life and this puppy is no different."  Marge

See more photos of Gracie below.

If you are interested in adopting Gracie, please call me at

920-863-3981or email me.